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Welcome to your new Nation. Or City State. Or Empire. Or Commune.

It’s really up to you, and your fellow adventures, to turn this fledgling community into something great. The whole story, and town, will be shaped by your decisions, and your leadership (or lack there of).

The intent is to have this as a living community of Human PCs and a few NPCs scattered about. You will not know who is who until you play a few adventures and build some trust with other PCs.

This campaign will be loosely based on the later chapters of the published adventure “Kingmaker” from pazio. But i intend to go far from the source material. If you are looking for a starting point on making a character, there are a few resources i could provide.

If you are a making a character from scratch, please roll up a level 5 based on the standard points buy system. Give yourself enough gear to hit, but not exceed, your gold amount (for a level 5) (should be around 35k). Anything from the Core Rule Book, Advanced Players Guide, Ultimate Magic, and Ultimate Combat is allowed. anything else will be at GM’s discretion.

Good Luck, Have Fun.

Home Page

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